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one stop synop to all my San Francisco Zoo related sites!

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welcome! this is going to be one post, one time (unless i start yet another blog!)

if you've visited any of my other blogs over the past couple years, you know i have alot to say! most of it good, some of it not. all of it in the name of my past passion for the zoo and my forever passion for the animals who call it home.

as a native san franciscan, the sfzoo is a place i've visited all my life. as a young adult until earlier this year, i was a member. in 2008 i lost my kitty of 20 years and found some comfort from my tremendous grief in my zoo visits, which became several times a week. from those frequent visits i became endeared to the animals who live there. i learned more about them in several ways. i read every article in the archive, i read all the minutes from the past ten years of the joint zoo committee monthly meetings and i engaged keepers in conversation.

i wanted to share what i was learning, so i started my first blog and named it after my precious zoo friend, goober.

june 20, 2009 - march 20, 2011
goobers sfzoo friends

my first blog :)  a place for me to share my knowledge of the san francisco zoo and the animals that live there.  i thought if i did, it might dilute the negativity i was reading and hearing and help endear people to the  animals and in turn that would help the zoo to thrive.

october 17, 2009 - ongoing

the most zoo friend video's anywhere! i try to upload clips after each visit :)

january 16, 2010 - august 2011
goobers sfzoo friends photo site

i started this photo site as a supplement to the goober blog. i had so many great captures of the zoo friends that didn't fit on the blog and i wanted to share them. i stopped updating this recently, but there are 99 photo albums, with thousands of great photos of all the friends!

august 6, 2010 - march 20, 2011
the big cat nip!

for most of 2010, my friend lee and i were lucky to have the opportunity to make enrichment toys for the big cats and on occasion the bears. it was an incredible experience that provided priceless memories for us, the keepers, the visitors and most importantly the animals! for many months, the big cats had super fun, with tons of toys every saturday! see all the fun here!

november 29,2010
padang's 21!

almost one year ago, female sumatran tiger padang celebrated her milestone birthday when she turned 21 years old! she is believed to be the oldest living tiger of any species in a north american zoo. we wanted her to have a big celebration, so we went all out, so her and all her big cat neighbors could have a birthday blast!  read about padang and see some photos here :)

november 29, 2010
padang's party photo site

see all the photos of padang and all her friends at the party here!

january 28, 2011
ulu turns 30!

female polar bear ulu, also celebrated a milestone birthday in 2010, when she turned 30! making her believed to be the oldest female polar bear living in a north american zoo! with all the bears celebrating birthdays in consecutive months, we asked if we could have a collective bear party in november. so we made toys for all, andean bear wishbone turned 24 on october 25th, polar bear pike turned 28 on november 25th, ulu turned 30 on december 25th and the grizzly sisters kiona and kachina turned 8 on january 1st. there was zoo drama and the bear party didn't happen until january 22nd. no worries as the bears don't care what day it is as long as there's toys! read about there special celebration here, and visit the gooberssfzoo photo site and view each bears photo album from the party!

march 4, 2011 - ongoing
san francisco zoo crime

sadly this blog marked the begining of my negative posting about the zoo. please note that when i say "zoo" i mean zoo management. after all the positive stuff my friend and i did for the zoo, management turned on us and spread untruths. a week after we reported someone over the barrier at the bear grotto, we both had our memberships revoked. if you want the play by play of this ongoing crime drama, this blog is the place to get it. i will make one more post to this blog at the end of this year (2011).

april 25, 2011 - ongoing
project get wishbone grass

prior to having my membership revoked i began privately seeking out how i could help get this poor bear some grass. after my membership was revoked i decided to make my crusade public. wishbone lives exclusively on concrete and has for years. this is not only unnatural, its inhumane and disrespectful. i have done alot of outreach and online networking to try and nudge the zoo, but i guess they just don't care. its an outrageous disgrace. you can read about sweet wishy, his plight and my crusade on his behalf on this blog.

may 22, 2011 - ongoing
san francisco zoo FAILS

another post-revoke blog. there are many things not right at the zoo. they are all fixable. most were avoidable in the first place, at least that is how it appears to me. i used to pass these observations, suggestions and such on to the director tanya peterson, that was until she took away my membership based on lies. so i started publicly calling out all the things i think are a problem. it kinda bogs me down to do so. believe me, i was much happier when i was just writing the happy vibed goober blog, but times have changed and things just aren't right and they should be. the zoo is not all that it can be, and it should step it up for the sake of the animals.  i am trying to taper this blog off and just combine all my observations into one blog. so if you're curious about what i think is just not right at the sfzoo, this is the blog to read.

october 2011- present 
i am not an anteater!

i hope for this to be my only blog as of 2012. i plan to share my visit as i see it. that said, it will be many things. photos and notations about the wonderful zoo friends. curious and ridiculous zoo issues. disturbing and evil visitor behavior. ... fyi its goober that is not an anteater! lol! every visit, there i stand with my bairds tapir friend and someone comes by and calls him an anteater! ???  he doesn't care, but i do :)  ... you will also find photos from all my festive toppers that honored my zoo friends in 2011!

may 2012-present (last update may 2012, please visit flickr site)
i am not an anteater photo site

i started this recently as a supplement to my i am not an anteater blog as i get very disheartened with stuff going on at the zoo, that i may not feel like writing anything, but still want to share my photos.

june 2013- present

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